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When you come to us for Volvo car repairs, you can rest assured the work will last, using the latest VIDA diagnostic computor software for Volvo cars, we are able to get to the root of the problem fault code more accurately and quicker than the every day diagnostic tools used in most garages, saving you time and money.

With SAAB specialists on hand with over 65 years combined experience, we're able to perform SAAB repairs using the latest diagnostic techniques and tooling.

SAAB repairs using the latest techniques

For Volvo car and SAAB repairs from first class independent technicians, call 029 2081 0818

Volvo car repairs

Volvo car diesel additive tank refill and system  reset with vida software. Parts and Labour     £85 plus vat

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If you can't live without your car, we can arrange a loan vehicle for you. Just let us know whether you need one when booking in, If you leave it until the day of your repairs we may not be able to supply this service. cars are driven on customers' own insurance.

Would you like to arrange a loan car?

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we will replace it, and the pressure and friction plates (two piece clutch).

For the fantastic price of  £750 Parts, Labour and VAT included


based on a saab 9-3 ss



Saab 9-3 mk1 failed MOT on bulkhead split ?


We repair by welding in a strenghtening plate.

Parts,and Labour   £250 plus VAT.

Have your SAAB or Volvo car independently serviced with Saabstyle Swedish Service Center Ltd, the friendly professionals. We follow the manufacturers service programme and get a 10% discount on our affordable servicing deals on your secound car or on a family members car (any make).